Made from scratch in small batches using our Italian family recipe.

Vegetable Lasagna

Organic Vegetable Lasagna

I grew up with four brothers, so Mom always had a large crowd to feed. On Sundays, she would go to the supermarket to shop for the freshest ingredients in order to make and freeze our meals for the week. I still have memories of coming home, so hungry from school, only to be relieved to find one of Mom's meals in the freezer. That's exactly what we do for you. We use Momís tomato sauce, made from organic tomatoes, ancient grain Kamutģ pasta, an organic vegetable blend, that now includes kale, and real cheeses. We're feeding you like Mom use to feed us. I always say, there's no better recipe than Mom's, and that's why we use it to make this great meatless dish. Enjoy! Buon Appetito! ~ Michael Angelo