Made from scratch in small batches using our Italian family recipe.

Four Cheese Lasagna

four cheese lasagna

The recipe we use for our four cheese lasagna has been in my family since my great-grandma Foti. We made a couple of slight changes to enhance the health aspects of this dish. For instance, instead of using our traditional durum semolina pasta, we use our organic ancient grain Kamut® pasta. We layer the pasta with Mom's tomato sauce, which is made from organic vine-ripened tomatoes and seasoned with Italian herbs, just as Mom had learned from great-grandma Foti. We also use the perfect blend of real mozzarella, Romano, ricotta, and parmesan cheeses to add rich flavor to the dish. I've always said that if you can't find it in Mom's kitchen, then you won't find it in our meals. Enjoy! Buon Appetito! ~ Michael Angelo