Made from scratch in small batches using our Italian family recipe.

Chicken Alfredo

chicken alfredo

When I take a bite of our ancient grain Kamut« pasta, I'm reminded of a trip to Montana where I met a Kamut« farmer who showed me the differences between semolina and Kamut«. The grains were larger and harder, and as a result, it takes the stomach longer to break down and digest this ingredient. This allows ample amounts of protein and fiber to be released over a longer period of time. Ancient grain Kamut« is used to make our pasta because it not only has great benefits, but it's naturally organic. We use chicken raised without antibiotics, organic broccoli, and an Alfredo sauce, made with organic milk. The detail and attention given to each ingredient in this dish continues to emphasize the high value we place on what we put into our meals. Enjoy! Buon Appetito! ~ Michael Angelo