Made from scratch in small batches using our Italian family recipe.

chicken Parmesan

Enjoy the best Italian frozen Chicken Parmesan, made using our Italian family recipe.

When we were kids, Mom worked behind the meat counter at our local supermarket, so she knows the importance of fresh meat and poultry. It's one of the reasons that we worked hard to find chicken raised with out antibiotics for this dish. We bread the chicken, in order to give it a nice texture and place it on a bed of our ancient grain Kamut® pasta. Mom's tomato sauce is made from a savory spice blend and organic vine-ripened tomatoes, all of which meet Mom's high standards. With her help, we've always taken the time to find the freshest, most flavorful ingredients for each of our meals. The next time you sit down to eat this, I hope that you take the first bite and picture Mom shopping for each of the ingredients used to make this tasty dish. Enjoy! Buon Appetito! ~ Michael Angelo